Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why would anyone read this?

I'm about to buy myself a Toyota Aygo. It is a small car and many people would regard it as cheap. For me it represents a significant investment.

As I did my research about the car, I found a number of journalist reviews of the vehicle. These are generally based on test drives of new cars and some expert knowledge of the motoring field.

I found a few review websites where people posted their complaints or praise. Still I felt disconnected from the car, and I wondered how relevant these comments were. How do you get an overall sense of a person's relationship with a car? What stories can people tell about their cars?

Well, I hope that I can do that in this blog. I suspect that the person who reads this blog would have done a search for "Toyota Aygo". On this blog they will find the story of me an my Aygo. I suspect that sometimes it will be more Aygo, and sometimes it will be more me. I hope it will be informative.

There is a likelihood that other people would also like to read this blog. A quick list of possible readers might include:

  • Somebody from the future who wants to document my fall into insanity
  • People who are interested in consumer ethics
  • One or two people who read my other blogs
  • Bored Amateur Philosophers
Here I go. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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